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AI NetSuite ODBC Smart Apps
Interested in developing highly specific AI Deep Learning models that target NetSuite (Oracle) SaaS services.

Goal to create new application concept for NetSuite SaaS (Oracle) users, called AI Smart Apps. NetSuite unfortunately still hasn't provided any AI Deep Learning tools or apps to assist its core business users with smart ways to evalutate their companies Data Assets. NetSuite currently has over 19,500+ clients worldwide and almost all of these NetSuite clients could immediately benefit from NetSuite specific AI Smart Apps to optimize their company's profits, in a number of different financial segments.

Been working with NetSuite ODBC Interface (10+ years), developing native Oracle SQL scripts within the ODBC NetSuite interface to assist in optimizing inventory management, product purchasing, sales analysis, and new and emerging product trends. Have been able to generate high quality primary data sets (500,000+ records) of financial, sales, inventory and customer data using tricked out Oracle SQL Query scripts (been an Oracle DBA for 34+ years).

It would be extremely useful to create models that can be trained using client's production data sets intelligently curated and dumped in to csv or excel files to be used for model training data. Not sure which of the various AI Deep Learning Models (CNN, RNN LSTM, etc) might be best to evaluate the company's data to find undiscovered anomalies, improve product profitability, sales forecasting and emerging customer purchasing trends.

Currently working on automated movement of stagnant/slow moving inventory to eBay/Amazon for liquidation.
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