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Deep AI (NNN) Research Projects
AR Project Current Update & Status Notices
# Date Posted Notices Updates - Description Detail
1 7/20/2018 This area is reserved to post all the Latest Update Notices, specific to the AR Glasses Project with Update and Status information.
2 7/20/2018 New Project ODBC database table retrieval link will be added soon. This will include sample data and database field names.
3 7/20/2018 Newly posted link to a number of sample database record visualization Images to be used as a guide/reference for designing the look and feel of database record presentation Panels, in the AR Glasses users field of view.
4 7/31/2018 New record added will provide live inventory data required for testing Presentation of live database data on presentation object within the AR Glasses field of view.
Current Set of Tasks Completed and Posted for Viewing
# Proj# Device Category Sub-Category Company Description Link Contact Status Detail Email
1 10 Android AR Database Project Display Database Records Serenity Investments International AR Visual Database Interface Application Douglas New Show
2 10 Android Hardware AR Glasses Vuzix Vuzix Blade AR Glasses Starter Guide Info Douglas New Show
3 10 Android New VR/AR Chip Set New VR/AR Chips Qualcomm Communication Article announcing new VR/AR Chip Set Info Douglas New Show
4 10 Android Data Visualizations AR Images Various Internet Sources Example: Data Visualization Images for AR Info Douglas New Show
5 10 Android Database Inventory Records Detailed Product Data Serenity Investments International Live Jewelry Product Inventory Records ODBC DB Info Douglas New Show
6 10 Windows Server Real Time Graphic Chart Negative Stacked Datafeed Highsoft Highcharts Negative Stacked Graphics Chart Info Douglas New Show
7 10 Android Smart Bot Database Searching Natural Language Interface Serenity Investments International Adding Smart Bot to Database Visual Data Search Douglas New Show