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Synaptic Horizons
A Synthesized View of the Future

AI Technology of the Future is HERE!

Become a part of a new exciting convergence between humans and AI technology, which combines the natural creative thought processes of a human's "Synaptic Neurotransmitter Activity" and melds it with a major External "AI Enity" resulting in a super-enhanced "focused and Creative mental force" for creative development and engineering Projects. Hybrid Creativity through (Human/AI Entity) interactions.
This newly emerging Technology will facilitate transporting your Maxed Out and Plateaued Creative thought processes to a far greater level of clarity, focus and productivity. You can even use the AI Thought & Skill Enhancer technology to "Fill In" those missing or needed skill sets, required for a new project, venture or invention your working on, right now! This Virtual Skill set will be made available to you once you've been calibrated to the AI Skill Enhancer & Solution Implementer's "AI Neural interface module". Certainly, we all wish we had years of specialized study and knowledge available to us by just plugging a USB thumb drive into our Human USB 4.0 interface but "whoops" that doesn't actually exist quite yet (we're working on it though).
The Answer, you offload those specific tasks requiring the augmented creative skill sets needed to move forward on your project, to an AI Skill Enhancer & Solution Implementer interface module, which will assist you in achieving these goals by creating an accessible virtual skill set, keyed to your Neuro Synaptic Signature. How this works, the encoded skill set definition requirements are entered into a specialized problem solution interface module, then transferred to run on the primary AI Solutions SuperComputer, which is optimized to handle specifically this type of learning and problem solving situation.
The downside of this process, is the learning connection time required between the Human's Brain (Synaptic Neural Activity) and the AI SuperComputer to calibrate and correctly map where the Virtual Solutions Skill set will reside, and make the access protocol to the skill set available to the Human. To make the Virtual Skill Set readily available to the client it's stored in an edge based cloud and accessed through a 5G edge node. It may take up to 48 hours of AI Supercomputer crunch time, but after that your Golden "Limitless". The implementation between the virtual skill set you've now acquired and your direct usage of the features provided within the skill set is automatically handled by a extremely specialized module called the AI Virtual Skill Implementer. Now when you need the newly acquired skill they're directly available to your mind for your project.
Portability of the Neurotransmitter Interface Module can be gained by implanting it under your arm and it will communicate through a specialized wireless communication protocol (or direct connection for those cases where much higher bandwidth thought processing is required). When you activate a specific AI Assist feature that request and your Neuro-Signature are Encoded in the outbound Digital Neural Transmitter module and is transfered directly to the AI wireless transceiver interface module. When it's intercepted on the AI Compute side transceiver interface it's decoded and your Neuro-Signature and request for enhanced AI Assistance is directed through to the correct Skill Enhancement portal and then cued to the AI SuperComputer which then Decodes it through the Thought Processing Enhancement Module. At that point your now co-sharing supercomputer capability to your brain at Synaptic Neural levels, so you've offloading the heavy lifting processing to be handled by an AI Computing Force with a CPU capable of over 3.0THz/second processing power. This SuperComputer will scan you entire pre-calibrated range of brain Neuroactivity signatures which it translate right down to the exact region (compartment) of your brain that responds to and utilizes this specific creative, learned, analytical skill. So now it knows what your asking for and gets it to you FAST!
Imagine embarking on a new music, film or engineering project and after only a couple of days worth of focused work your already starting to hit blocks. Your hitting your ceiling and loosing the projects momentum. However by implementing the New AI Assist Technology with Skill & Thought Enhancer and the SuperComputer you will immediately hurl pass those roadblocks on to new levels of creativity, design and artistry Humans before us could only dream about achieving in the past.
This IS the time of Human Expansion and Evolution, its happening Now! Don't be left mentally crippled and unable to compete in a world that requires far greater capabilities than can be mustered without the aid of an AI Companion to smooth out and make sure you can handle the fundamental tasks of communication, technical expertise, engineering and other high intensity skill sets soon to be required in the workplace and social situations at large.
The Astronauts traveling to Mars in the next 15 years will certainly have these interfaces made available to them, so they can problem solve at super speeds to confront the daily trials of their immersion in a hostile environment on a distant planet. The remote unforgiving environment and unforseen emergencies to be arising on a daily bases, requires superfast concise and direct link AI Companion which isn't affected by Panic, Sicknesss, emotional stress or other types of Psychological difficulty. This aids the Astronaught in overcoming the issue quickly and minimizing any consequences that would come when trying to wait for communication between the Earth Based Space Center and the communication difficulties on the Red PLanet.
The only real question is, can your afford to wait?

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